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Alaska Children's Services began as an orphanage in Unalaska in 1890. Know as the Jesse Lee Home, this Methodist-sponsored program served hundreds of Alaskan children until 1925, when it moved to larger facilities in Seward.

The Jesse Lee Home provided the basic necessities of food and shelter, as well as love, caring, nurturing, job skills training, and encouragement toward self reliance. After suffering severe damage from the Good Friday earthquake of 1964, the Jesse Lee Home moved from Seward to its current location in Anchorage and began the transition from orphanage to treatment center.

In 1970, a unique merger of the Jesse Lee Home, the Lutheran Youth Center, and the Anchorage Children's Christian Home (American Baptist) formed a comprehensive program called Alaska Children's Services, Inc. Alaska Children's Services affiliated with a fourth supporting denomination, the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in 1981.

Responsible to the local twenty-three member Board of Directors, Alaska Children's Services is a nonprofit corporation which provides a comprehensive program of treatment for troubled youth. Services are provided to children, adolescents, and their families from throughout the state of Alaska.

How Can You Help Alaska Children's Services?

Your prayers are a vital support for Alaska Children's Services in two ways: first, to surround those whose lives are touched by the mission of ACS, the students, families, staff and administration, with the love and peace of God. Second, to provide a faithful witness to the community.

Financial Support Contributions

United Methodist Church Advance Special Opportunities
#931435 Spiritual Life Program Operation of the Spiritual Life Department
#931430 Partnership in Treatment Fund Scholarship fund for direct student support
#931440 Covenant Relationship Salary support of missionaries, Kevin and Carol Seckel. Send support through local church treasurer or Conference Office
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Contributions through your local church. Alaska Children's Services is an ELCA Social Ministry Agency.
American Baptist Church Contributions through you local church or through Institutional Support Program.
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Contributions through you local church
Gifts in Kind
The Spiritual Life Department can use the following items in support of their mission at Alaska Children's Services:
small gift items: bookmarks, pencils, inspirational cards, stickers, etc.
story books
fabric paint
sandpaper. various grits
character puppets
tapes of contemporary Christian music
blank birthday cards
musical instruments
craft projects
12" embroidery hoops
construction paper
Christian story videos

4600 Abbott Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
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