Alaska Baptist Churches - Constitution and Bylaws

The following are the constitution and bylaws that govern the Alaska Baptist Churches



The name of this organization shall be The Alaska Baptist Churches

CHAPTER H - Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Alaska Baptist Churches is to promote fellowship and sharing of ideas for the growth and development of member churches and institutions.


The object of the Convention shall be to strengthen the individual churches and institutions through training and education; to act as an extension of the churches mission, seeking to encourage, coordinate, and initiate ministry to the community and the world; to seek to foster fellowship among the churches and institutions; and to promote support for and participation in the work of the two national bodies with which it cooperates-the American Baptist Churches, U.S A. and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated, to promote harmony of feeling and concert of action on the part of all the Baptist throughout the nation; and to foster Christian goodwill throughout the world.

CHAPTER IV - Members

SECTION 1. The membership shall consist of the churches and institutions belonging to the Greatland Baptist Convention and the Association of American Baptist Churches and Institutions, April 12,1999, that thereafter shall share equitably in the support of the work and objectives of this convention, and such other Baptist churches or institutions as may be elected to membership.

SECTION 2. Any church or institution desiring membership in this body must make application by letter and furnish satisfactory evidence of the soundness of doctrine, regularity of practice and standard of discipline. After a committee appointed for this purpose has established these facts, application may be approved by a vote of the majority of delegates present and voting at any semi-annual meeting and the church or institution welcomed into membership.

SECTION 3. Representation in this Body shall consist of delegates as follows: (1) Five delegates from each church, which is in cooperation with the purposes and work of this convention, and has during the fiscal year preceding been a bona fide contributor to the convention 's work. (2) One additional delegate for each church shall be allowed for each additional 100 members, but no churches total delegation may be more than forty percent (40%) of the total delegates represented. (3) One delegate from each institution belonging to the Association of American Baptist Churches and Institutions, April 12,1999. (4) Delegates voting on or participating in ecclesiastical actions shall be representative from cooperating affiliated Baptist churches.

SECTION 4. Each church continuing in cooperation with the Convention shall take part in the work of the convention contribute to the financial needs of the Convention, welcome the Executive Minister and other offices of the Convention for appropriate fellowship and discussion, provide an annual report letter (June meeting), and supply semi-annually statistics as to members, finances, subsidiary organizations, and other date as requested by the Executive Committee of the Convention.

SECTION S. Any church may withdraw from membership in the Convention by written notice to and with approval from the Executive Committee.

SECTION 6. Upon a recommendation of the Executive Committee, and by a vote of a majority of delegates present and voting at any semi-annual meeting, any church may be dismissed from membership for continued failure to cooperate with the Convention, or continued failure to maintain soundness of doctrine, regularity in practice, or standard of discipline. The Executive Committee to a church prior to dismissal from membership shall give notice so that reconciliation may be affected if possible.

CHAPTER V - Officers

The officers of the body shall be president, a vice president, a recording secretary, and a treasurer. The duties of these officers shall be defined in the bylaws of this body.

CHAPTER VI - The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is hereby created, whose organization and functions shall be set forth in the bylaws.

CHAPTER VII - Amendments

The Constitution may be altered or amended at any semi-annual meeting of the Convention by a vote of two-thirds of the delegates present; provided, that a notice of the change or changes proposed shall have been given at the preceding semi-annual meeting and published in the minutes of this body.


ARTICLE I - Meetings

SECTION 1. The Convention shall meet semi-annually in the months of June and October.

SECTION 2. The Convention at each June meeting shall fix the date and place of the meetings two years hence upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE II - Duties of Officers

SECTION 1. The President shall be the presiding officer of all meetings of the Convention and of the Executive Committee, shall appoint all Committees whose appointment is not otherwise provided for shall be a member of all Committees, shall be elected for two (2) years. The President can be elected to serve for two (2) consecutive terms.

SECTION 2. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of presidential duties, and shall assume the duties of the President during the Presidents absence or incapacity. The Vice-President shall be elected for two (2) years. The Vice-President can be elected to serve for two (2) consecutive terms.

SECTION 3. The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the Convention, and of the Executive Committee.

SECTION 4. The Treasurer shall receive, hold, deposit in the bank approved by the Executive Committee, and disburse, upon approval of the Convention, or the Executive Committee, all monies pertaining to the Convention. The Treasurer shall have checks, or vouchers for the designated account, counter-signed by the Executive Minister or the President or Vice-President, shall furnish a fidelity bond, the premiums to be paid by the Convention; and shall render financial statements of the Convention 's funds to the Executive Committee at the meetings of these bodies; and shall prepare and submit a report semi-annually, for inclusion in the semi-annual minutes. The Treasurer 's accounts shall be audited annually, or at such other times as the Executive Committee may direct.

ARTICLE III - Nominations and Elections

SECTION 1. A Nominating Committee of three persons, no two of whom shall be from the same church, shall be elected annually by the Convention. All Nominating Committee reports may be supplemented by nominations from the floor.

SECTION 2. The Nominating Committee shall bring nominations for the officers of the Convention and for the members of the Standing Committee, the June meeting for election. The Nominating Committee shall insure relevant cultural diversity alternating between the President and Vice-President. Should there be more than one nomination for an office, election shall be by ballot. The term of office shall begin at the final adjournment of the June meeting

SECTION 3. The Nominating Committee shall nominate persons to fill vacancies, which occur during the year, election to be by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IV - The Executive Director/Minister

SECTION 1. A central agency or headquarters shall be maintained and an Executive Director/Minister shall be employed who shall be elected by the Convention on nomination of the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2. The Executive Director/Minister shall be the personal representative of the Alaska Baptist Churches State Convention in working with the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A., and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Incorporated. In the promotion of interest in the denominational programs as carried on by these bodies.

ARTICLE V - Standing Committees

SECTION 1. The Convention shall have the following standing committees. Christian Education, Long-range Planning and Community Ministries; Evangelism, Church Extension and Social Concerns; Programs; Pastoral Ministry. Other committees may be created, the procedures for naming members and chairs specified, and term limits defined, by the Executive Committee as needed.

SECTION 2. Each standing committee shall advise in the planning and development of the convention program in its area of concern in consultation with the Executive Director/Minister and appropriate staff, subject to coordination by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VI - Special Committees

SECTION 1. The Convention shall have special committees as determined by the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE VII - Programs

SECTION 1. There shall be programs of work in the Convention.

SECTION 2. All programs shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee

SECTION 3. The Executive Committee may define from time to time the contents of the programs, which are assigned to it.


For the legal transaction of business a quorum is established as follows:

ARTICLE IX- Unassembled Business

At times matters may arise which, while requiring early action, are sufficiently routine that calling a special meeting for considering them is unjustified. Where the chairperson of a Committee judges that this is the situation, such group may conduct that business by electronic or mail communication. Notice must be provided to everyone in such group. If any member of such group objects to this procedure, then a special meeting must be called to consider that matter of business. The minimum vote to adopt a proposal, which normally requires a majority vote, is:

ARTLCLE X - Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of "Robert Rules of Order, Newly Revised" shall govern all meetings of the Convention and of its committees, councils, boards, and commissions, in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the constitution, the bylaws or any special rules of order adopted by the Convention or the Executive Committee.

A Parliamentarian may be appointed by the President with advice and consent of the Executive Committee to provide counsel for the Convention meeting and for meetings of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE XI - Amendments

The Bylaws may be altered or amended at any semi-annual meeting of the Convention, by a majority vote of the delegates present and voting; provided that a notice of the change or changes proposed shall have been given at the preceding semi-annual meeting and published in the minutes of this body.

ARTICLE XII- Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of Alaska Baptist Churches, remaining assets, after the satisfaction of obligations of incorporation, shall be distributed by the Executive Committee to a non-profit fund, foundation or corporation which has established its tax exempt status under 501-C-3 of the Internal Revenue Service.