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Ouzinkie Chapel ministry had its roots in the Ouzinkie Baptist Mission Children's Home, the 4th Cottage of Kodiak Baptist Mission Children's Homes known as BAKER COTTAGE. Beginning in 1938, it was home for needy children, a resident facility, sometimes to as many as 12 to 15 children. Eventually, a chapel was built onto the main 'building, extending the ministry to a Sunday School program.

In 1958, the work closed as a resident facility when the children were absorbed into the Kodiak homes, and Rev. Norman and Joyce Smith were transferred from the Mission at Larson Bay, to make Ouzinkie the base for the EVANGEL MINISTRY, to live in the facility and conduct a Christian Center program for the village. Daily Kindergarten for 4 and 5's has been a service for 41 years. For 20 years, a full program of after-school clubs, evening activities, a health clinic (Joyce Smith had become a registered Community Health Practitioner) and full Sunday services and weekly prayer meetings were central in the program. In 1977, the National Ministries officially closed the Ouzinkie Mission, but Norman and Joyce Smith rented the facility and continued ministry to the village. Later they bought the building, and a somewhat smaller program has been held consistently to this day.

We have just closed a successful Vacation Bible School in June. The months of 1999 have been busy and productive. Valentine and St. Patrick activities, a well attended series of Easter activities, including a Holy Thursday service, Good Friday services and an Easter Sunrise service, followed by an Easter breakfast in our facilities were happily observed with the village people. We had a standing-room only crowd for the Kindergarten-PreSchool graduation program On May 27, followed by an indoor picnic, May 28, Un-birthday observance for children with summer birthdays, awards, gifts and report cards finished a very successful school year. The 5-year-olds are learning to read, and getting a head start toward school through our Kindergarten program, and Sunday services are held regularly through the summer. I have more time for visits to the elderly (three of-them are in-their 90's).

Norman died nearly three years ago. I have been ordained and serve as pastor of the Ouzinkie Chapel Ministry. We welcomed a one-day work party on June 28, a wonderful group of people from churches in Rhode Island accompanied by Evan Jones, JR, who cleaned the Mission from top to bottom, and ended with a glorious time of singing in Ouzinkie Chapel: We are alive and well here, in the Love Of Christ!

Sincerely, in Christ's Service,

Rev. Joyce E. Smith

In Loving Memory
Joyce E. Smith

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